Marquette Warrior: Gay Activists: Another Assault on Academic Freedom

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gay Activists: Another Assault on Academic Freedom

Via The Cafeteria Is Closed, an account of how a gay activist in Canada filed a “Human Rights” complain against a professor who expressed political opinions unfavorable to homosexuality.

According the LiftSite:
SYDNEY, Nova Scotia, May 31, 2006 ( - A Cape Breton University (CBU) professor is the target of a human rights complaint by a homosexual student. Comments posted by the professor at his private web site critical of the Anglican Church of Canada for its permissive and condoning stand in relation to same-sex “marriage” are the cause of the complaint.

History Professor David Mullan wrote to his local Anglican bishop in 2004, criticizing the trend: “When Anglicanism in some manner recognizes homosexuality as a legitimate ‘lifestyle’ for Christians, it will become a church in schism,” he charged.

On February 20, homosexual CBU student Shane Wallis, who also co-ordinates the campus’ Sexual Diversity Office, lodged a formal human rights complaint with the University.
The complaint, which Mullan’s web site, is a classic of politically correct thinking.

Wallis, noting Mullan’s letter opposing the recognition of same-sex marriage, says “I was outraged at the content I found therein. I found this material to be Homophobic and Heterosexist, and to be inappropriate for a website that was, and is, being used as a pedagogical tool.”

On the cover sheet of the complain, Wallis accuses Mullan of “harrassment of the GLBT community by making unwelcome remarks, [and] his public display of both offensive and degrogatory material. . . .”

Translation: we gays should not have to put up with a professor who disagrees with us.

Mullan isn’t cowed by this. He seems happy to be controversial, as a previous run-in with the President of his university, and with a feminist professor whose students disrupted his class, demonstrate.

The problem, quite simply, is that of a chilling effect. The willingness of the gay lobby to harrass academics and students who disagree with them, using “human rights” and “diversity” processes, can be expected to intimidate most people, notwithstanding that free speech usually wins if someone will fight for it.

Like other politically correct lobbies on college campuses, the gay lobby is essentially fascist. Like fascism elsewhere, it will win if not opposed.


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