Marquette Warrior: Gay Indoctrination in Australian Schools

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gay Indoctrination in Australian Schools

From the Herald Sun of Melbourne:
VICTORIAN schools are being advised to dump the words “mother” and “father” by a controversial new teachers manual that promotes the cause of same-sex parents.

Out of sensitivity to same-sex parent families, teachers should use “parent” or “carer” instead, the manual states.

Schools should also put up posters of gay celebrities in schools and not use gender-specific toys, the free Learn to Include teacher’s manual urges.

It also suggests pupils as young as five should act out scenarios in which they have two mums and have discussions about discrimination.

The contentious manual, used in dozens of Victorian schools, is aimed at teachers of prep to year 3 pupils.

Victoria’s Department of Education and Training has invited the editor of the manual, Vicki Harding, to promote it to principals and teachers at a taxpayer-funded conference in Melbourne next month.

Ms Harding will advise teachers about using the manual and children’s books she has written about children with two mums or two dads.

The manual’s classroom worksheets include a fill-in-the-word exercise about a child who climbs a tree while the youngster’s “two mums” work in the garden.

The manual suggests – to help children respect diversity – teachers “include pictures of notable lesbians and gay men among images around the school” and use “gender neutral play materials.”

Children should also be offered stories, games and television programs that show “people in various forms of relationships”, it states.
A minor bit of good news is that government politicians have had to distance themselves from this manual, claiming they don’t “endorse” it, and that schools are not required to use it.

The problem is: a lot of people in the schools of Victoria will have the same kind of worldview as the bureaucrats who put the manual together.


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