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Friday, June 09, 2006

Milwaukee Country Radio: No Dixie Chicks

From, the blog of the Program Director of West Bend’s WBWI-FM radio, a statement that the station doesn’t play the Dixie Chicks.

This in response to the rather strident anti-Bush comments that members of the group have recently made. Those comments have made the group the darlings of the liberal media, and apparently helped their album sales, but apparently badly hurt ticket sales for their forthcoming tour in more conservative states.

Martin explains that the Chicks’ new single, which made it to number 36 on the Billboard chart, has fallen back to number 40.
This probably means that a lot of radio stations that were hot to start playing them again, did so, and then received a rash of “I can’t believe you’re playing the Dixie Chicks” phone calls (or test results).

Proof again that what you do play CAN hurt you, and what you don’t play CAN’T.
Martin then, in response to a direct question posted on the blog, said “Our policy has been, since March 2003, no Chicks. Sometimes our satellite affiliates sneak them in - but it’s very very minimal, and usually overnight.”

Another poster spoke up in defense of the group.
I think it’s irrational not to play them. Seriously, they have the same right of free speech as everyone else, and since their new song (in my opinion) is excellent, why not play them? If it were anyone else, would it have good numbers? Probably. Why be predjudiced against them, and not everyone else?
Martin responded:
Because when you piss off 60% of your listener base, it’s hard to justify playing them. Sure, they have the same free speech that we have. They chose to speak their mind, and we chose to speak ours.

I don’t get why the door only swings one way with you people.

Liberals are only too happy to boycott anybody whose actions or statements they disapprove of.

WMIL-Radio -- No “Policy” But We Don’t Play Them

Having seen the WBWI policy, we e-mailed Kerry Wolfe, Program Director of WMIL-FM, and asked about their policy. We got a prompt and forthright reply.
We have no policy. We just decided after the Time magazine article where they said they didn’t want to be played with Toby and Reba to honor their request. We tried to be supportive and continued to play them regardless of the controversy, but we’re done. It has nothing to do with politics. We’re just tired of the “poor little me” negative that they continue to spew. The topper was their Howard Stern interview. I urge you to go to his web site and read it. As a radio station that caters to families, you’ll see why we can’t support them.
Anybody interested in the interview can find a description on the Howard Stern web site. It focuses on underwear (or the lack thereof), sex toys, giving oral sex, “threesomes” and lesbianism.

No, none of the Chicks claimed any lesbian experience. They had plenty to say on all the other points, however. For additional descriptions of the interview check here and here.

One of the most revealing comments was the following, as described on the Stern web site.
When Emily noted the band doesn’t pay attention to people who still support Bush, Natalie added their fans who support Bush never understood what the Dixie Chicks were about in the first place.
That’s probably true.

But now that they understand, they are responding appropriately.

The most off-putting thing about the Dixie Chicks is their arrogance. We wouldn’t be appalled if (say) George Strait or Alan Jackson were asked about the Iraq War and responded “I’m afraid I’ve decided it was a mistake.”

An honest opinion is an honest opinion.

But the Dixie Chicks went out of their way to attack Bush at a London concert, and to do so in personal terms. They have continued to do that, and even to express contempt for their own conservative fans.

Quite a lot of, and probably most, country music fans simply won’t be able to enjoy their music any more.

When the liberal media lose interest, it’s going to be lonely having no fan base.


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