Marquette Warrior: The World Council of Churches Sides With Hezbollah

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The World Council of Churches Sides With Hezbollah

From Christianity Today:
In July, the World Council of Churches (WCC) released a statement expressing concern over the most recent acts of violence in the Middle East. It claimed that “the concept of the war on terror” puts “civilians at greatest risks” and argued that Israel’s “illegal occupation of Palestinian territories” presents “the vortex of the region’s violent storm.”

While Israel attempts to secure its sheer survival, the member churches of the WCC express no word of compassion for Israel beyond a general regret for death and destruction “on all sides.”

In the form of a pastoral letter, the general secretary of the WCC, Samuel Kobia refuses to name Hezbollah and ultimately defends the terrorists and reproaches the victims for their self-defense. The letter attacks democratic countries, shields militia groups from blame, and challenges “the concept of war on terror.” The reader looks in vain for what is expected from a pastoral word of encouragement, consolation, or reconciliation. Without this, the WCC statement, intentionally or not, makes several points that, if followed, would strengthen terrorist groups.
This, of course, is the author’s interpretation of the WCC position. But read the article, which supports this interpretation with direct quotes.


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