Marquette Warrior: Gay Lobby: Stifle Scientific Research

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Gay Lobby: Stifle Scientific Research

From the blog of the Marquette Gay/Straight Alliance, news of a scientific research project they want stopped.
from PETA of all places:
Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), a school that has received criticism in the past for torturing monkeys in its labs, has officially been outed. Information has been brought to light about ridiculous “gay sheep” experiments that are being conducted at the school.
Animal experimentation, so now we know why PETA’s on this. But there’s more:
OHSU experimenter Charles Roselli is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to kill homosexual rams and cut open their brains in an attempt to find the hormone behind homosexual tendencies so that these tendencies can be changed.
It gets weirder and more serious when PETA tells us who he’s working with and what for:
Frederick Stormshak of Oregon State University (OSU), who has surgically inserted an estrogen implant in the bodies of these rams in an effort “to restore tissue levels of estrogen comparable to those of heterosexual rams and affect sexual behavior accordingly.”
If killing a bunch of sheep for an unreasonable goal weren’t enough:
Roselli has made it very clear that he intends to use the findings of his experiments to “cure” humans next.
Yea. So once you stop laughing at the premise, go ahead and fill out their e-letter if you want, though both researchers will no doubt seek funding elsewhere.
We don’t assume that the PETA report is accurate, but for the moment let’s consider the gay lobby position on this.

The Gay/Straight Alliance lists as its constituency “LGBT” individuals.

The “T” stands for “transsexual” -- people who (for example) have male genitalia but think of themselves as women (or vice versa).

Quite frequently, this condition is treated by a sex change operation or hormone therapy.

So if people can decide that their genitalia don’t match their “gender identity” and have their genitalia surgically altered to match their “gender identity,” why shouldn’t they be allowed to have their “sexual orientation” altered to match their genitalia?

Indeed, convicted pedophiles sometimes voluntarily undergo chemical castration, and guys who think their sex drive isn’t up to par can be treated with testosterone.

So why shouldn’t people be allowed to get treatment to turn them from being homosexual to heterosexual?

Answer: it’s not politically correct to want to do that.

But changing any other thing about one’s sex life is fine.

And people who object to stem cell research on the grounds that it destroys human embryos are called “anti-science.”


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