Marquette Warrior: Oshkosh Professor Approves Chavez Tirade

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oshkosh Professor Approves Chavez Tirade

Liberal blogger Tony Palmeri teaches in the Communications School of the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.

While many liberals are distancing themselves from Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez’ United Nations tirade against George Bush, Palmeri says what he thinks.

He quotes an intemperate essay attacking Bush as follows:
“. . . I think the difference between Chavez and most others even on the left is that Chavez is seeking to win, and we are instead seeking, as often as not, to avoid alienating pundits or to even appeal to them. We are seeking to avoid annoying anyone we like, or anyone we might like, or who might like us. We are seeking to avoid looking odd to anyone, or to avoid making a mistake, or to avoid seeming shrill and angry, or self serving, or passionate. And we need to transcend all that.”
Yes, the hate-Bush left needs to “transcend” civility and use the vile language that comes from their hearts.

We applaud that. We want it to be clear who the bigots are, and who the haters are.


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