Marquette Warrior: How Many Bigots Like This Are In University Admissions?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

How Many Bigots Like This Are In University Admissions?

From a post on the Daily Kos, discussing the Intelligent Design vs. Evolution controversy, a certain poster with the screen name johnsonwax talks about what he does for a job, and how he views home schooled students.
And as someone who does admissions for an engineering school, homeschooled kids give me the shits. 48% of them are educated to the point of being social Neanderthals and 48% of them are churched to the point of being educational Neanderthals and 4% are exactly what you hope to see. Granted, I’m looking at a rather non-represenative subset, but still...
If anybody thinks they see an anti-Christian bias here, other posts from the same fellow reinforce this.
Having grown up in NY, I’m a hell of a lot more afraid of random white people from Arkansas than I am of any minority or foreigner - and I’m white. Honestly, the scariest people that I’ve ever run into - and that includes the Bronx in the 70s as well - were all fundies. Well, and the mentally ill. I’ll avoid the obvious joke here.
With people like this working in academia, it’s no wonder that Christians often feel that the climate is hostile.


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