Marquette Warrior: Islamic Fascism

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Islamic Fascism

The politically correct left hates the term. How dare the President of the United States, or anybody else for that matter, call militant jihadist movements “fascist?”

The fact that the political left is so defensive of movements that practice terrorism is a matter of some interest, all on its on.

But if anybody wants to engage in an academic debate on whether “fascism” applies to the terrorists, they should turn to the following online essay, via Shark and Shepherd.

Bottom line: “fascism” is a perfectly fine term for the phenomenon.

One of the people most frequently cites as attacking the notion of Islamic fascism is a University of Michigan professor named Juan Cole.

Interestingly, Cole is quite willing to label movements he doesn’t like “fascist.”

He applies the term to Israel’s Likud Party!

So much for intellectual consistency (or honesty) from the campus left on this issue.


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