Marquette Warrior: Was Marquette Less Than Frank About Letter to FIRE?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Was Marquette Less Than Frank About Letter to FIRE?

When the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education sent a letter to Marquette about the censorship of a posting on the office door of a graduate student in the Philosophy Department, they asked Marquette for a response by October 11, 2003.

On October 18, not having received any response from Marquette, FIRE went public, attacking the University for censorship.

Marquette then produced a letter, dated October 16, which claimed to address FIRE’s concerns.

FIRE, which is located in Philadelphia, has now finally gotten the letter.

Interestingly, although the letter was dated October 16, it was postmarked October 19.

FIRE is wondering aloud whether Marquette, in response to the breaking of the story on October 18, quickly drafted and sent a letter which it backdated to make the University appear to be responsive on the issue.

We, quite frankly, are wondering about that too.

We’ll provide an update on this when we hear from University spokeswoman Brigid Miller.


Brigid Miller did indeed return our phone call, and suggested that the letter, after being printed with the October 16 date, may have sat around for a day or so before being signed by Fr. Wild. She also suggested that campus mail is slow, and it may have taken another day for it to have made it to General Services to be metered.


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