Marquette Warrior: Althouse In a Funk About Election

Friday, November 10, 2006

Althouse In a Funk About Election

Blogger Ann Althouse is a social liberal (pro-gay marriage for example), but a hawk on national security.

We can’t resist quoting her succinct and accurate comments about what was wrong with the election outcome Tuesday:
What I’m concerned about is national security and, consequently, the way the election was fought and is being interpreted. I’m upset because I think we have sent a terrible message to our enemies: Just hang on long enough and continue to inflict some damage, and the Americans will lose heart and give up. You barely need anything at all. You might not be able to hijack a plane with a box cutter anymore, but you can take back a country -- a country we conquered with overwhelming military power -- merely by mercilessly and endlessly setting off small bombs in your own town day after day.

How much harder it becomes ever to fight and win a war again. Only pacifists and isolationists should feel good about the way this election was won.


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