Marquette Warrior: Ed Thompson, Libertarians Seek Some Attention

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ed Thompson, Libertarians Seek Some Attention

From an e-mail news release from Rolf Lindgren:
Ed Thompson to Announce Write-In Campaign for Governor Monday at 8:30 AM?

Ed Thompson will reportedly begin his weekly radio commentary on Monday morning with the following comment:

“Let me tell you right up front that I’ve decided to run for Governor tomorrow, and I’m asking all of you for your help to make this happen. I know this is short notice but I’ve got a plan and I’ll tell you all about it when I come back with ‘Just a Little Common Sense.’”

You can listen to Ed’s radio commentary at:

Ed is also booked to be on the Mitch Henck show at 9 AM on Monday, November 6.

Details here:
If Libertarians in this state ever had any credibility (which we frankly doubt) they squandered it by embracing the moonbattery of Kevin Barrett and James Fetzer.

We doubt the Green and Doyle campaigns are hurriedly trying to assess the changed political landscape. Indeed, we doubt they have noticed. And when they notice, we doubt they will care.

Which is the appropriate response from any Wisconsin citizen.


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