Marquette Warrior: Eggs, Surrogates for Children for Gays

Friday, November 03, 2006

Eggs, Surrogates for Children for Gays

The Shark and Shepherd blog tends to have a lot of ads for merchandise of interest to homosexuals, merely because the word “gay” appears often in posts.

The chief blogger, Rick Esenberg, opposes gay marriage, and the blog hardly reflects a gay agenda.

As of a couple of minutes ago, we found the ad on the right (above) on the blog. Clicking on the image will go to the web site.

We understand the desire of people, gay or straight, to have children, and even to have children who are their biological offspring.

But should children really be thought of as just another consumer purchase?

Is it really moral to bring a child into the world who will not have a mother and a father?

Of course, when a gay couple adopts a child who would otherwise be in the foster care system, that’s an entirely different matter.


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