Marquette Warrior: Gay Lobby Still Trying to Deceive on Amendment

Monday, November 06, 2006

Gay Lobby Still Trying to Deceive on Amendment


We got this call, via voice mail, on our home phone. Since we live in liberal Shorewood, they are not specifically targetting conservative areas.

The robocall is as misleading as Owen claims. It says “vote ‘no’ to stop activist judges,” and “marriage in Wisconsin should not be changed.” It also invokes “Wisconsin family values.”

From Boots & Sabers:
I have reports from two people in Waukesha County who have received recorded calls about the marriage amendment. They say, “If you believe in heterosexual marriage, then vote NO.” There isn’t a disclaimer and the caller ID is blocked. One of the women is a hardcore Republican.

Given that the calls are apparently being targeted at known Republicans in Republican areas, it appears that the anti-marriage amendment folks are trying to maximize the confusion that they started with their television ads.

If you oppose homosexual marriages, you need to vote YES on the amendment. If you support homosexual marriages, then you need to vote NO on the amendment.


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