Marquette Warrior: Text of Deceptive Robocall from Pro-Gay Marriage Group

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Text of Deceptive Robocall from Pro-Gay Marriage Group

This is a story broken by Owen at Boots & Sabers.

The folks who favor gay marriage (and thus oppose the Marriage Protection Amendment) are using robocalls to get people to think that to oppose gay marriage one should vote “no” on the Marriage Protection Amendment.

The following is the text of the call we got yesterday.
Hi, this is Ron.

I’m calling today to urge you to send a message to everyone that marriage in Wisconsin should not be changed.

Vote “no” on the marriage amendment and send a message that you care about our family values and our children.

We don’t want activist judges getting involved to determine what marriage means.

We know in Wisconsin marriage means a man and a woman.

Vote “no” to stop activist judges.

Vote “no” to protect our values.

Vote “no” on the gay marriage amendment.

Authorized and paid for FAIR Wisconsin Committee, Michael Childers, Treasurer
This is really a new low in campaign sleaze.


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