Marquette Warrior: Walker for Wisconsin Governor in 2010

Friday, November 10, 2006

Walker for Wisconsin Governor in 2010

Look for Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to be in the running -- and probably the front runner -- for the Republican nomination for Wisconsin Governor in 2010.

Walker is ambitious, capable and articulate, and some of us thought he was the better candidate in 2006.

He was a good soldier, and dropped out of the Republican primary because Green had more money, and Walker doubted he had the money to beat Doyle in the general election. Also, there was the (suspect) notion that a bruising primary would hurt whoever won.

Walker looked really classy doing that, and created a lot of good-will among Republicans.

Admittedly, this is politics, and such good will can have a rather short shelf-life. Further, Walker could screw up -- or merely be the victim of bad luck as some crisis or scandal hits his administration.

But as of right now, he is the front runner and likely nominee in 2010.


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