Marquette Warrior: Letter to the Editor: Global Warming Fascism

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Letter to the Editor: Global Warming Fascism

Here is an e-mail Letter to the Editor written in response to our post on Global Warming Fascism. In that post, we discussed the suggestion, by global warming believers, that people who deny global warming should be put on trial and punished for their heresy.
Suggesting that “warming skeptics be put on trial like Nazi war criminals” shows a woeful lack of historical understanding. Who stifled thought outside of the mainstream? Who imprisoned the nonconformist? Using the denial of the holocaust is logically absurd for reasons you point out.

Yet there is an analogy regarding the Nazis though. Consider the study of eugenics that was popular in 1930s Germany. The German scientific community was bullied into, if not accepting, at least not criticizing, certain “scientific truths” regarding the racial characteristics of the Jews.

It is getting pretty scary when people such as Heidi Cullen and David Roberts want to punish dissent. They are becoming more strident and vicious and would be defenders of freedom are becoming more cowed. The academic and media establishments have a very distorted view of freedom. They insist on absolute freedom to expound any ridiculous ideas without having their logic questioned. Cranks such as Ward Churchill and Kevin Barrett can rant what meets any definition of hate speech at public expense while potential dissenters are restricted from using their 1st amendment rights in the name of campaign finance reform.

Keep up the good work.

Roger Cross
Another Marquette Warrior
Class of ‘69

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The worst thing ever to happen to race was the co-opting of political correctness that racial programming of civil rights did through judicial fiat, and black racial steering to prevent the free flow of ideas and knowledge of racial, and of racial philosophy. Had this racial oppression not been allowed in intellectual environments, a more natural reconciliation might have occurred through exceptional scholarship. Instead, the world is left with minimalist arguments over race which never fully reach the depth and breadth of impact over race, much less attitudes over race - to reach recognitions important to that reconciliation. It remains an "undone suspended animation," as economic preferences long ago became the motive for such exploration through judicial fiat, and today remains imprisoned as the only reason for doing such exploration. Racial regard needs to be deregulated to be explored properly, by all races, without the unfair advantage of using race for economic stimulus. By all rights, all races may and should participate in that exploration of identity and how races can be properly recognized for equal justice.

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