Marquette Warrior: Middle School Students Protest Abortion, Run Afoul of School Officials

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Middle School Students Protest Abortion, Run Afoul of School Officials

From Fox News, the story of a Christian anti-abortion protest that school officials tried to stifle.

Happily, the Alliance Defense Fund stepped in, and got a settlement that allowed students wear pro-life T-shirts and distribute leaflets in the future.

The argument school officials made was that students of middle school age need to be “protected” from issues such as abortion.

But these are the same kind of school bureaucrats who are happy to have first graders indoctrinated on the subject of homosexuality, with books such as Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate.

One person commenting on the issue observed:
I think the reason this is becoming such a big issue, is that it is an ugly truth . . . which is difficult for people to digest. If students were protesting the Iraq war, or apartheid, or saving trees/recycling paper, we would not hear a word about it . . . it would be tolerated and looked at as a healthy practice of free speech. But, the protesting of abortion, and the facts that support the beliefs of the pro-life students are hard to hear and thus, create an uproar from administrators . . .
And another:
Sadly, our children know far too much about sex, abortion, drugs, homosexuality, and who knows what else. Our society seems bound and determined to expose their young minds to every horror known to man.
So it seems that society is happy to expose young teens and even pre-teens to plenty of information about sex and reproduction, so long as the information doesn’t include the embarrassing reality of abortion.

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