Marquette Warrior: Political Giving Among Celebrities

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Political Giving Among Celebrities

From we live our lives among giants, a fascinating post linking to a list of political contributions of celebrities.

There are no big surprises there. The Hollywood crowd is firmly in the Democratic camp.

Country singers, however, are heavily Republican.

Game show hosts are heavily Republican! Check out, for example, Bob Barker, Wink Martindale, Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek.

If he had to come up with a completely ad hoc out-of-left-field explanation for this, it might be that they don’t like a large portion of the money they give out to their contestants confiscated by the government.

People who think the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” represents the best of American values will be gratified to learn that both the star (Jimmy Stewart) and the director (Frank Capra) gave overwhelmingly to Republicans.

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