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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Nanny State: Left & Right

From Modern Commentaries: an account of government nannyism both from conservatives and liberals.
Mike Huckabee, governor of Arkansas, is a “conservative Republican.”

He’s pro-life, and a “staunch opponent of . . . gay marriage,” which is wonderful, but he’s also drunk from the Nanny-state Kool-Aid.

After being diagnosed with diabetes, Huckabee lost 110 pounds and became a “champion of healthy lifestyles.” That’s all well and good, but Huckabee decided that because he lost 110 pounds - of his own free will and doing - he decided it would be a good idea to keep track of the BMI and obesity rates of students in all Arkansas public schools on fitness report cards.

First, the BMI is an unrelistic indicator of obesity. It doesn’t take into consideration build, bone structure, or muscle mass . . . thereby making it possible for a fit person to register overweight or obese on the BMI.

Second, there’s the issue of privacy. A child’s weight should be an issue between the parents and the physician. Not the schools. Not the government.
But of course, the most aggressive and extreme nannyism comes from the leftists.
Do they make Valentine’s Day string cheese?

I suppose you could type up slogans like “Don’t string me along” and tape them to the packages.

This, sadly, is what Valentine’s Day has become in schools where the federal wellness policy is being interpreted with revolutionary zeal.

Kids recently brought home a list of what foods will be allowed, and which are henceforth banned, from upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations at Sunset Ridge Elementary School in the Middleton- Cross Plains School District.

The allowed list includes yogurt, pretzels, animal crackers, string cheese and air-popped popcorn with no butter or oil.

The banned list includes such Valentine’s Day favorites as cookies, candy, brownies, bars, cupcakes, Oreos and sweetened fruit juice.

And what about those pastel conversation hearts from NECCO that have been part of American Valentine’s Days since the Civil War? As one of the hearts might proclaim: “No way.”
Blogger Amy notes the absurd level of hypocrisy of the leftist nannies.
But the left, while eager and enthusiastic to ban Valentine’s Day treats, would have no problem teaching Madistan kindergarteners about same-sex marriage or alternative lifestyles. They go apopleptic whenever abortion restrictions are on the table, and demand that birth control and abortion be government-funded.

Sex, with anyone at any time and for any reason, is perfectly acceptable. In spite of the fact that it also spreads disease (some of them fatal, and without cure), and allows the gravest evil of all to cover up for a night of irresponsibility: abortion.

So being promiscuous is okay. But having a chocolate on February 14 is bad.
The simple fact is that nannyism is never based on objective policy considerations, although these may be a pretext.

It’s about imposing one’s cultural values on other people.

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