Marquette Warrior: Political Talk Show on Campus Radio

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Political Talk Show on Campus Radio

An e-mail from Joseph Schuster:
As I mentioned yesterday Matt Woleske and myself are starting a once a week political talk show. The show will be on from noon - 2 every Sunday on Marquette radio (can be listened to on their website or on Channel 96 if on campus. Basically, the idea of the show is that Matt and I are going to discuss the political decisions that happen in the week that has passed. It is going to be interesting because Matt is a self declared liberal, and myself a conservative, we disagree on most issues. This week we will probably talk about cloture, the pending Wal-Mart class action suit, Bernake’s speech claiming that their is widening inequality among Americans, and so on. It should be a fairly good show.
Yes, we think it will be.

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