Marquette Warrior: Hard Leftist on Theology Faculty

Friday, March 30, 2007

Hard Leftist on Theology Faculty

Daniel Surh at GOP3.COM first recognized the significance of a bland blurb in the Marquette Tribune saying that Father Simon Harak, S.J., is now a Lecturer in the Marquette Theology Department.

GOP3 blogger Brian Collar just put us onto Harak’s blog, at the address

The current edition no longer shows his name, but the electronic trail is clear. Here is the user profile that used to point to Harak and a blog called “Stop the Merchants of Death.” And here is a copy (from the Google cache) of that blog.

We reached Harak, who confirmed that, although he has left the War Resisters League, and thus isn’t listed on the profile, it’s still “his baby.”

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