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Friday, March 30, 2007

Tony Snow: More Liberal Hate

We posted yesterday about hateful comments on liberal blogs directed at White House Press Secretary, whose cancer has returned.

Since then we have found and archived two discussions on the Democratic Underground discussion board.

Almost two years ago, we posted about the vitroil on that board directed toward Marquette’s College Republicans, whose fundraiser for American snipers was shut down by Marquette bureaucrats.

While there are a fair number of solicitous comments directed toward Snow, there is a very large dollop of pure hatred.

Warning: Obscene Language Follows

One discussion was posted under the (sarcastic) title “God Bless Tony Snow,” and the initial post said:
I wish him talented doctors, a speedy recovery and peace to his concerned loved ones. I really do.

Even a lying shit shoveler like Tony Snow deserves decent medical care and emotional support in the tough times........
That pretty much set the tone, as comments such as the following were posted:
  • . . . maybe he’ll get a glass bellybutton installed, so he can see with his head up his ass
  • I like Tony Snow, and I wish him the best. He does his job. Unfortunately, doing his job means doing his best to put lipstick on a slobbering, slimy, festering pig.
  • he does deserve it- and as for his job- he is just trying to be the best shit-shoveler that there ever was
  • he gets rewarded for lying and enabling with the best that there is. . .
  • Fuck him. He is a liar and a LOYAL bUSHIE
  • I appreciate your sentiments but if he truly is concerned about his health he would quit his job. He lies to cover for a criminal and he has a nasty attitude to boot.
  • being the Head Liar for the “MAN” means more than life itself...
A different discussion board at Democratic Underground is slightly more polite, perhaps because it is moderated. But it still contains comments like the following:
  • I hope he gets well to, however i still have a fantasy about him that involves an open elevator shaft.
  • maybe all that hatemongering hexed him! i cursed lee i curse tony snow! do not ef with me you gop bastards!!
  • Lately, poor Tony has been looking defeated & dejected, I think things aren’t going so well for his puppeteers.
  • I think things aren’t going so well for his puppeteers. I assumed it was from having to lie, lie, lie every time he comes out there - that has to be hard on the body and the soul.
  • Just because he’s a lying weasel doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be allowed lots of time to redeem himself.
  • And I’ll admit that I don’t think much of Tony Snow. In fact, I really despise him. But I do hope that he recovers quickly and perhaps learns something from this that he obviously didn’t learn last time: life is precious.
  • Get well,Tony . . . and get a conscience while you’re at it.
In Monday’s Washington Post, Howard Kurtz mentions the nastiness of the online discussion boards, but in a rather lame attempt to be even-handed, implies that it comes equally from both sides.

Kurtz mentions comments on the conservative blog Little Green Footballs, wishing that Gitmo prisoner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had succeeded in his claimed plot to kill Jimmy Carter.

The comments page in question is here, and readers can read the comments to see whether the are as nasty as the ones on Democratic Underground.

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