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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Upstart Student Media: Getting Recognition

Day before yesterday, we posted about how “upstart” student media in Milwaukee have been making some waves.

Yesterday morning, we got our regular e-mail from Milwaukee Magazine announcing Bruce Murphy’s current column.

Murphy’s lead story is about the fact that the crime rate at Southridge Mall is in fact lower than the crime rate at Mayfair -- which has been getting a lot of bad publicity in the wake of several incidents.

Murphy credits Front Page Milwaukee, one of the student outlets we blogged about, for breaking the story.

The idea for the story came from Jessica McBride, Faculty Advisor of the online newspaper. Matt Hrodey, the author, followed up and got the facts.

So we have a student journalist, writing an article for a brand new online-only outlet, which gets picked up by a mainstream (if local) glossy magazine.

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