Marquette Warrior: The Shinigans: Marquette Students’ Irish Band

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Shinigans: Marquette Students’ Irish Band

Having retreated to the Union cafeteria this past Friday with our laptop computer hoping to get some undisturbed work done, we were at first slightly annoyed to find a band performance about to start.

But hanging around, thinking that we could ignore the distraction, we quite soon found ourselves enjoying The Shinigans, an Irish band made up of Marquette students.

According to their Myspace page, they have played Irish Fest and the Irish Cultural Heritage Center in Milwaukee. But mostly they have played around Marquette.

When you check the page, be warned that none of the audio clips (with the exception of “Springlands,” which features the supple fiddle of Therese Gotcher) does justice to the band. Between amateur recording on the clips and the fact that the band is improving both in terms of technical skill and repertoire, expect to be less impressed by the clips than you would be with the live performance.

They are good enough that we’ll probably seek them out when they perform again.

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