Marquette Warrior: What Jessica McBride Actually Said

Friday, May 25, 2007

What Jessica McBride Actually Said

Jessica McBride has been under attack in the leftist blogosphere for supposedly “finding humor in the murder of Jasmine Owens.”

Wisopinion has finally posted the actual audio of the segment that was supposedly “offensive.”

A more compact version is here.

Listen for yourself.

And ask yourself whether the humor was directed at the murder of Jasmine Owens, or at Eugene Kane, who chronically produces mealymouthed responses to the real urban problems that afflict Milwaukee.

Also ask yourself whether this is even a tiny bit worse than liberal comics who have fun at the expense of President Bush on the issue of Iraq.

If the murder of young Jasmine Owens was a tragedy (which it was) isn’t Iraq a “tragedy?” So how is one allowed to make jokes at Bush’s expense on the issue of Iraq, and not make jokes at Kane’s expense that reference inner city crime?

The answer: the vendetta against McBride was driven mostly by ideology.

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