Marquette Warrior: Clinton People Behind Attack on Conservative Talk Radio

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Clinton People Behind Attack on Conservative Talk Radio

We have not gotten too upset about the campaign to reimpose the Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting. Although it’s clearly directed at conservative talk radio, we have dismissed it as a project of leftist cranks like Dennis Kucinich.

But now, via Shack Sounds Off, evidence that the mainstream of the Democratic Party is serious about the attack.

Specifically, a group called (in Orwellian fashion) the Center for American Progress has just issued a report calling for more censorship of broadcasting (although they don’t admit that’s what they want. Whom does this group consist of?
For those unfamiliar with the Center, its President and CEO is none other than
  • John Podesta, the former Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton. And:

  • The Executive Vice President for Management is Sarah Rosen, who was also a member of the Clinton administration.

  • Senior Vice President for Development Debbie Goldberg worked for the Clinton campaign.

  • Senior Vice President and Director David Halperin was a speech writer for President Clinton.

  • Vice President of Communications Jennifer Palmieri was Clinton’s White House Deputy Press Secretary.

  • Senior Vice President for External Affairs Winnie Stachelberg worked at the Office of Management and Budget under Clinton.

  • Vice President of Finance and Operations Brad Kiley worked for the Clinton administration.

  • Ditto Peter Rundlet, Anna Soellner, Debbie Fine, and Michelle Jolin.
In reality, the staff and Senior Fellows listing of this Center reads like a Clinton administration Who’s Who.

The report of the group is thoroughly Orwellian, talking about lot about “upholding . . . public interest responsibilities” and how talk radio is skewed to the right (which of course it is, just as print media and the broadcast networks are skewed to the left).

But the total import is stark and clear: shut up the conservatives.

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