Marquette Warrior: Letter to Editor: Hypocrisy on Madison City Council

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Letter to Editor: Hypocrisy on Madison City Council

We recently blogged about a member of the Madison City Council who has called for the impeachment of President Bush? Why? He has violated the Constitution, or at least the Constitution as the left interprets the Constitution.

The irony: she and some of her cohorts, being required to swear an oath of allegiance to the Wisconsin Constitution as they took their seats on the Council, made it clear that they didn’t really respect a certain part of the Constitution.

What part? The part that prohibits same-sex marriage.

Our post brought the following e-mail from our former student Nate Romano, who has graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison law school and is practicing law.
I agree with your point (and the point quoted by Prof. Schweber here at UW-Madison). You can dislike part of the constitution, and even say that you think it should be changed. But, if you are going to take an office to serve under that constitution, you serve and adhere to all of it. You don’t sign a statement that says parts are optional. It is sad that people who think they can complain that President Bush, Vice-President Cheney or whomever have been acting unconstitutional, and then blatantly state that you will essentially ignore parts of the constitution. It is frustrating that people don’t have the common sense to think things through.

Also, I thought it pertinent to point out that Alderman Eli Judge of Madison, who represents the district that covers most of the University, is openly gay and refused to sign the “supplemental” oath section. The ones who signed are mostly the “Progressive Dane” party -- a far left/socialist group.
So the gay guy on the Council is more principled -- even about gay marriage -- than the straight lefties.

We can’t say that we are surprised.

Anybody who has dug around gay blogosphere a bit knows that there are plenty of gay bloggers who are pretty reasonable people. Some are moderates, and many have a strong libertarian streak.

About the Madison lefties, on the other hand, there is little good to say.

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