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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Interesting Bit of Marquette History

From the Journal-Sentinel:
How did it come to be that Marquette High is 24 years older than Marquette University?

The high school’s roots lie in 1857, when a school named St. Aloysius Academy, with students from age 6 to 25, opened near what is now N. 3rd St. and W. Michigan St., according to high school officials.

The name was changed to St. Gall’s Academy after it moved into a new building at the same site in 1864, and it took the name Marquette College when it opened in 1881 at 10th and State streets, serving students starting at age 14 and eligible to go straight through to a college degree at age 20. That is the start of what is now Marquette University.

In 1907, the school was divided into Marquette Academy, serving high school grades, and Marquette University. The academy officially took the name Marquette University High School in 1922. It moved to its current location at N. 34th St and W. Wisconsin Ave. in 1925 and became independent from Marquette University in 1950.
The paper also ran a very favorable story about Marquette High School here.

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