Marquette Warrior: Black Racism and “The Jena Six”

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Black Racism and “The Jena Six”

From Front Page Magazine:
Because they generally consider it bad manners to draw attention to obvious examples of black racism, the media -- in concert with contemporary America’s self-anointed champions of “civil rights” and “civil liberties” -- have recently put on a spectacular exhibition in the art of depicting black racism not as what it is, but rather as the unfortunate by-product of an allegedly underlying white racism. At issue is the case of the so-called “Jena Six” -- the half-dozen black Louisiana youths who brutally beat an apparently loudmouthed white youth named Justin Barker last December. In the wake of that incident, the American Civil Liberties Union complained -- as did the political Left at large -- that the local district attorney was unjustified in having initially charged the defendants with attempted murder in this case of “questionable circumstances.”

Those circumstances were as follows: Last December 4 at Louisiana’s Jena High School, football player Mychal Bell led a gang of eight to ten fellow black students in pummeling Barker into unconsciousness in what the Jena Times called “one of the most violent attacks in Jena High School’s history.” Witnesses would later report that Barker’s attackers had “stomped him badly,” “stepped on his face” while he was “knocked out cold on the ground,” and “slammed his head on the concrete beam.” The media focused heavily on the notion that three white Jena students had provoked the attack by having hung nooses -- evoking images of lynchings -- from a tree (on campus) in whose vicinity blacks allegedly were unwelcome. Quite apart from the question of whether a dumb (non-violent) prank by a bunch of teenage idiots is grounds for a violent assault, the fact is that Barker was not even involved in the prank.
The author of the piece, John Perazzo, doesn’t flinch in saying that the real problem here is black racism.
Black racism also accounts for the fact that the vast majority of interracial violent crimes are of the black-on-white variety, and that statistically the “average” black is many times more likely to attack a white, than vice versa. While not all interracial crimes are motivated by racial animosities, many of them -- like this recently videotaped gang assault in Virginia -- certainly are.

But why should black racism be prevalent in America at this comparatively late stage in our nation’s evolution -- long after the rise of equal-opportunity mandates, affirmative action policies, civil rights advances, and the stigmatization of racism to the point where “racist” is by far the epithet most feared by whites, be they political figures, business leaders, clergy, academics, or social commentators?

It’s actually quite simple. Black racism remains a dynamic phenomenon because African Americans have been told, ad nauseam, by “civil rights leaders” and by leftist whites in influential organizations like the ACLU, to look outside of themselves for the roots of every ill that plagues their community; to reflexively blame white society for their problems rather than to take responsibility for their own lives; and to view themselves as the oppressed and powerless victims of a white “power structure,” a status they are led to believe renders them somehow incapable of being genuine racists themselves -- no matter how much they may detest the white people they perceive to be their tormentors. Moreover, they have been taught to angrily reject astute observations like those of Bill Cosby, who has publicly lamented how illegitimacy, parental neglect, lack of educational effort, and bad behavior have decimated black life.

Only the victim mentality fostered by the “civil rights” champions of our day could have prompted tens of thousands of people to think that rallying on behalf of the Jena Six was a worthwhile use of their time. Having listened for so long to the “civil rights” establishment’s incessant depictions of the United States as a land of racial inequity, many black Americans have become angry, embittered racists themselves. They are among the legions who, in the words of black columnist Michael Meyers, zealously “transform themselves into the apostles of their own delusions.”
Clearly this analysis doesn’t apply to all blacks, and probably not even to a majority (although a majority may buy into substantial parts of this dysfunctional mythology). But it does apply to enough to cause social havoc.

Who around Marquette is part of the problem?

The Diversity Commission of Marquette University Student Government’s Program Board.

According to the Tribune, MUSG Commissioner of Diversity John Lee, in explaining a “solidarity event” for the thugs in Jena, said it was “an educational opportunity for all Marquette students.”
“Racism still exists today,” he said. “If we learn about it and discuss it, we are better equipped to prevent it.”
But leftist campus activists are not really going to “learn about it.”

They are going to engage in politically correct blather.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"[Mychal Bell] beat his girlfriend so badly that her eye became dislocated from its socket."

This is why Bell's bond was denied.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest that you actually attend the Diversity Commission's events, and critique them on their own right before labeling them as "politically correct blather." Otherwise your posts will come off as lazy and uninformed.

6:34 PM  
Blogger J.D. said...

What people forget is that only a week before this story broke, 6 whites kidnapped and abused a lone black female in West Virginia. Can you imagine the outcry if thousands of whites took to the streets and demanded that they be protected? Check out my thoughts on the racists in Jena:

Your analysis is spot on and if the "Diversity Commission" is anything like the leftist reeducation camps on my campus, it is a sorry gathering of weak-minded people who are incapable of original thinking who only exist on group-think.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Understand that this case is not about race, we can make it about race, which the media and society has, but this case is about civil and criminal justice. The problem in this case is not about black on white crime or whatever society has made it about, the problem lies in the fact that the charges on the Jena 6 were outrageous and unequal to the crime commited. There are several fights on school grounds in the US every day, very few of them, if any, result in charges of attempted murder. So there has to be a reason to why the charges were so high in the Jena 6 and since the prosecutors could not give the public a justified reason, then the only visible potential reason in the eyes of the public seems to be racism . Until the prosecutors can give justified reasons, the public will still assume racism.
This case is about justice not about race!!!!!!!!!!

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A weekend incident with racial overtones at a high school for deaf students could result in criminal charges with "enhanced penalties for a hate crime," Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier said Wednesday.

A black student was held against his will and then released with "KKK" and swastikas drawn on him in marker at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf on Sunday, she said.

Is this an example of how black racism is ruining our nation, or is it a better example of how RACISM is still very prevalent in our country? Please...

11:29 PM  
Blogger John McAdams said...

Is this an example of how black racism is ruining our nation,

The fact that you can find nasty white on black racist incidents doesn't means that black racism doesn't exist, or that it's not a problem.

Everybody condemns white on black racist attacks, but the politically correct crowd mades excuses for black on white racist attacks.

6:26 PM  

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