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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Brokeback Tribune -- II

Back when the movie “Brokeback Mountain” came out, we put up a post about an absurdly biased issue of the Marquette Tribune that pushed a liberal “gay rights” viewpoint with incessant single-mindedness.

It’s time for another post like that, since today’s Trib features two stories, neither with any Marquette connection, pushing a gay political agenda.

The front page, top of the fold story was about an activist Iowa judge who rules that gays and lesbians in that state could marry. Before a stay could be put in place, one gay couple did. The Trib apparently feels this is a huge milestone for “gay rights.” Else, why was it featured on the front page?

And why should even “huge milestones for gay rights” be featured on the front page of the Trib when they have nothing to do with Marquette?

The story did quote two pro-family spokesmen condemning the action, and a Marquette professor (Mark Johnson) who opined that judicial fiat is not the way to deal with these issues.

But the story pumped the “human interest” angle to the max, giving the impression that only the terribly mean-spirited could want to deny the two gay guys the right to marry. And not merely to have their own private ceremony with any consenting clergy member officiating, but to have it blessed by government.

After all, they really, really want to.

The other gay story having nothing at all to do with Marquette was on page 7, with the headline “Lesbian candidate in the mix for Chicago bishop job -- If elected, will be second openly gay Episcopal bishop.” The lesbian in question is “The Very Rev. Tracy Lind,” although you can apparently be “very reverend” in the Episcopal Church while entirely blowing off Bible teaching on sexuality.

It’s such a downer, after all, to be told you should not do what you really, really want to do!

The story extensively quoted Rev. Debra Trakel, rector for St. James Episcopal Church in Milwaukee, about how wonderful all this is. No naysayers were given any say, and this in spite of the fact that there is a huge rift in the Episcopal Church on the issue. Indeed, the worldwide Anglican communion (of which the Episcopal Church is a branch) is on the brink of simply tossing the U.S. church out.

Dan Suhr, at GOP3.COM, has more on other biased stories, but these two stand out.

The issue of homosexuality is a virtual obsession among liberal students and activists, and the Trib seems to be giving voice to this obsession.

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