Marquette Warrior: Faked Photo Used to Play Race Card, Smear Mequon Police

Friday, September 14, 2007

Faked Photo Used to Play Race Card, Smear Mequon Police

When the Spanish language paper El Conquistador ran a story about supposed racial profiling of Hispanics by the Mequon police, they supported the story with a photo that quickly proved to be fake.

The cops pictured leading an Hispanic-looking man away were not Mequon cops.

But a patch on the shoulder of the two cops in the photo showed them to be Mequon cops.

Badger Blogger has done a splendid job of showing exactly how the photo forgery was done.

How did El Conquistador respond? They said:
I heard the radio segment today concerning the front page photo simulating an arrest of a suspect by officers wearing Mequon Police Department patches in El Conquistador Newspaper front page. It was an oversight in our part not to include “Photo Simulated.” The simulation was provided in essence to testimony provided by Steve Graff, Chief of Police in Mequon....
That’s an interesting attempt to put the best face on the issue.

What the caption to the photo should have said is “Photo Forged.”

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