Marquette Warrior: Left Bigotry in Wisconsin

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Left Bigotry in Wisconsin

Good catch from the Badger Blog Alliance: a letter in the Baraboo paper about how evil and terrible conservatives are.
Who are the real sheep here? You are, who blindly followed this failed president into war. Sheep don’t ask why. Sheep aren’t skeptical. Sheep don’t protest. Sheep just keep their heads down.

Remember when conservatives portrayed themselves as rugged individualists? No nation building. Fiscal responsibility. Small government. Privacy. Looks like those tough guys were sheep in wolves clothing. Every single principle was thrown out the window.

What remains after we’ve sheared this Neocon sheep? A selfish, xenophobic, racist, intolerant, greedy, frightened, pitiful little creature.

Maybe somewhere deep inside his mind, he realizes he has been used. His fears have been exploited by a bunch of modern-day Machiavellis. But he’s too invested in the façade of King George. He can’t back out now. The shame would be too great. So off he goes, with the herd, braying the same old, tired talking points.

Let’s all go down to Fighting Bob Fest to see Ed Garvey, Cindy Sheehan, Matt Rothschild and many more of the most un-sheeplike people you will ever meet.

John Rausch
And to think, the folks at Fighting Bob Fest will bask in the warm glow of their own tolerant, inclusive and accepting outlook.

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