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Monday, September 17, 2007

New Blog on Marquette Student Government

This one is from Joseph Schuster, who is a conservative/libertarian, and had a radio show on Marquette radio last year.

It’s called “The MUSG Disconnect,” and as the name implies, it’s likely to be critical of student government.

Indeed, Schuster has the following statement on the masthead of his blog.
The Marquette University Student Government, affectionately known as MUSG is useless, it’s no secret, it’s just something that we at Marquette do not like to talk about. The purpose of this blog is to relate to the students of Marquette what MUSG does, or perhaps more accurately, does not do. Comments, and suggestions for postings are always welcome, contact me at
It remains to be seen whether the blog will follow in the distinguished footsteps of the now defunct 1832/Campus Tavern, or equal the extraordinary record of GOP3.COM.

But we wish Schuster luck.

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