Marquette Warrior: Philip Agee: Cold War Traitor Has Fans in the University Ministry

Monday, September 17, 2007

Philip Agee: Cold War Traitor Has Fans in the University Ministry

From a post on (of all places) the Internet JFK assassination newsgroup:

Wednesday, Sept 19, 12 noon - 1pm, Marquette Univ. Alumni Memorial Union, Ballroom A, 15th & Wells Street, Milwaukee; Soup with Substance screening of the film, “One Man’s Story: Philip Agee, Cuba and the CIA”, and Agee’s update, with discussion sponsored by Campus Ministry at Marquette University.

This collaboration between Cuban and Irish co-directors Roberto Ruiz and Bernie Dwyer, respectively, focuses on a dark side of United States foreign policy. Filmed in Havana with excellent archive material of numerous US covert and direct involvements in Latin America, “One Man’s Story” allows Agee, a former CIA agent, to tell his part of his captivating story.

Agee is famous for his international best selling book, “Inside the Company,” which exposed his own assignments and a history CIA covert operations to undermine and even terrorize progressive and democratic movements for social justice, particularly in Latin America where he served for 12 years until his resignation in 1968. This DVD focuses particularly on the CIA’s targeting of Cuba and Che Guevara.

Agee will not be present. Apparently, he refuses to come to the US while President Bush is in office.
When an Agee supporter says “progressive and democratic movements for social justice,” that means “Communist movements.”

The event is also listed here.

Agee, quite simply, was a traitor.

In 1975, he published Inside the Company: CIA Diary in which he identified 250 CIA officers and agents.

Agee was not simply a freelance critic of the CIA.
Of those [CIA defectors], the worst is arguably Philip Agee, who left the CIA and published the seditious Covert Action Information Bulletin, with the help of both the KGB and the Cuban DGI, a magazine dedicated to promoting “a worldwide campaign to destabilize the CIA through exposure of its operations and personnel.” Agee told Swiss journalist Peter Studer, “The CIA is plainly on the wrong side, that is, the capitalistic side. I approve KGB activities, communist activities in general. Between the overdone activities that the CIA initiates and the more modest activities of the KGB, there is absolutely no comparison.” Today Agee runs a website from his home in Havana,, and is a dedicated communist.
He, in fact, received help from the KGB and from Cuban intelligence in his attempts to undermine the CIA.

The evidence that Agee was supported by the KGB, by the way, comes from something called the Mitrokin Archive -- a treasure trove of KGB documents that KGB defector Vasili Mitrokhin brought to the West. The documents were the basis of the book The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB.

So what we have here is the University Ministry still fighting the Cold War.

And even more absurdly, they are fighing it on the losing side!

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