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Friday, October 05, 2007

Islamic Discussion Board

We get, via e-mail, a fair amount of material about how Islam is an evil and oppressive religion.

And doubtless, some places in the hands of some people it is.

Of course, on a university campus, Muslim students get treated by campus bureaucrats as a politically correct victim group. Indeed, they with some frequency get their sensibilities protected by campus censorship.

But the reality for most Muslims is a bit different. We just got, via e-mail, an announcement of a new operation called Guided Message Board. The subhead reads “Share & Discuss Islamic news, thoughts & ideas.”

We suggest checking the “Public Message Board,” where one can find messages with the heading Help Prevent Child Labor in Egypt, Gelatin from non halaal animals and Quran Word for Word for Mobiles.

Then check out the Islamic Discussion and the thread New Reverts/Converts.

There is nothing here very exciting. It’s actually pretty banal.

And that’s the point.

The people on the board are neither agents of Osama, nor are the victims of Western Capitalist imperialism.

If you have any Muslim friends, you know this already. But maybe you don’t.

Note, the board is brand new, and has few messages. Will it take off? Who knows, but it bears watching.

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