Marquette Warrior: Wesley Clark: Pull Limbaugh From Armed Forces Radio

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wesley Clark: Pull Limbaugh From Armed Forces Radio

Eminent Domain is back!

And it has a post about a particularly stupid idea from a former American General.
Is it just me or is everyone currently hellbent on shutting everyone else up?

First General Wesley Clark wants to get Rush Limbaugh pulled from Armed Forces Radio over the “phony soldiers” imbroglio. Check out the video in the link. He thinks it’s a good idea for Congress to step in, make judgment calls about the “propriety” of discourse on public broadcasts, and yank Rush. Tucker Carlson points out that the same standard won’t be applied to PBS and NPR, entities that routinely broadcast opinions (opinions that many people disagree with or find downright offensive). Clark claims that the standards would be applied consistently. Clark fails to understand that he’s calling for judgment calls that are subjective in nature. The majority in Congress (which, I should remind the Democrats, does change over time) will have free reign to pull commentators from public broadcasts just because they disagree with the propriety of the content. This is just screaming to be abused.

In the video clip, Clark even goes as far to say that political discourse should be “rated.” “I’d like to see A-rated, B-rated, C-rated political discourse,” sayeth the General. I used to have a favorite saying, “You’d have to go to college to come up with an idea that stupid.” Well, you’d have to be a Rhodes Scholar to come up with an idea this stupid.
A lot of people just flatly don’t understand the notion of free speech.

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