Marquette Warrior: Leftist Blogger Laments that Milwaukee Conservative Voices are “Unfettered”

Monday, December 31, 2007

Leftist Blogger Laments that Milwaukee Conservative Voices are “Unfettered”

Via Dad29:

It seems local leftist blogger Michael J. Mathias laments the fact that local conservative pundits are allowed -- and this is an outrage -- free speech. He begins by calling Bill Kristol “bloodthirsty,” and then turns to local people:
Locally, we have our own bellicose nutcases, and they are allowed to work, pretty much, unfettered.
That’s right. He thinks it’s an outrage that local conservatives get to freely express themselves.

Just what sort of “fetters” would he impose on them? He doesn’t say, but the history of the leftist blogophere in Wisconsin makes it clear.

If people like Mathias could, they would get them fired, and indeed they were proud in having a role in getting Jessica McBride fired from WTMJ.

They tried to get Charlie Sykes’ blog censored over a parody of the smug “Coexist” bumper sticker.

They will try to use campaign finance laws to shut up conservatives.

Failing that, they want to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine to force conservatives off the air.

If none of this works, in a classic instance of the frustration/aggression syndrome they will attack conservative bloggers and talk radio people. And they will especially attack women conservatives in the most misogynist terms.

We are old enough to remember what liberals were like before “progressive” politics took a huge turn in the 60s. Before the late 60s, liberals prided themselves in being tolerant. In their hearts of hearts, they were no more tolerant than other people, but the preached tolerance, and they -- quite fortunately -- felt bound by their own rhetoric.

Since then, liberals and leftists have more and more come to embrace a series of rationales for shutting people up. They more and more have felt free to express raw hatred of those who disagree with them. Again, it’s the frustration/aggression syndrome. As young people in the 60s or early 70s, they felt that history was moving their way. But it hasn’t, leaving them bitter and frustrated.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael J. Mathias - the ultra left winger howling at the moon. If you can't beat the other people in the world of ideas, suppress them. Hey, worked for Stalin and Mao. Mathias' evils of the world - talk radio hosts he doesn't agree with and Donald Driver. Maybe he'll get around to terrorists and rogue states in another lifetime.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Society has never become more tolerant; it just changes targets - Richard Paul Evans

10:27 AM  

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