Marquette Warrior: Interfaith Conference: Playing the Race Card at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Interfaith Conference: Playing the Race Card at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

We’ve blogged about the leftist agenda of the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, and we have another example.

The Common Ground Conference, sponsored by The Interfaith Conference, as well as the UWM Department of Educational Policy and Community Studies (read, taxpayers money), plays the race card big time.

It’s billed as “a one-day conference to explore perspectives on racism and privilege in the greater Milwaukee region,” and further “examining racism and white privilege can provide a unifying element helpful in moving toward justice in greater Milwaukee.”

How you can “unify” people by telling whites that they are evil exploiters and blacks that they should feel aggrieved is something the organizers don’t seem to have thought about.

The presenters are a roster of the usual suspects where local leftist activists are concerned. There couldn’t possibly be two sides to issues, nor any complexity that would benefit from hearing alternative views.

Claims of “white privilege” are a noxious way to approach any policy issue. Are you a white living in a nice house? You benefit from “white privilege” and ought to feel guilty. It couldn’t possibly be that you worked and earned it fair and square.

Do you live in a safe neighborhood? You enjoy “white privilege” and need to feel guilty. It’s your fault that black people live disproportionately in unsafe neighborhoods. It doesn’t matter that you don’t commit crimes against black people. It doesn’t matter that 97% of all violent crimes against black people in Milwaukee are committed by other blacks. It’s still your fault.

And if you are upset by high crime in black neighborhoods, and want to get tough, that certainly makes you a racist!

Are you children doing well in school, while a lot of black children do poorly? It’s your fault. The fact that so many black children live in single parent households isn’t relevant.

Or if it’s relevant, it’s your fault anyway.

You have the money to send your kids to private schools, or move to a suburb with nice schools. Maybe you want to extend school choice so that poor black kids can have choices too. That just proves you are a reactionary Republican!

So the “unifying” message is: it’s your fault whitey. So feel guilty and support all our pet programs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And if you are upset by high crime in black neighborhoods, and want to get tough, that certainly makes you a racist!"

Why are you so upset by high crime in black neighborhoods when it doesn't concern you, eh? You totally don't even have to worry about any of those black folk killin' you cus they only kill their own kind, duh (well at least 97% of the time...). So seriously, why are you so concerned? You can escape to the suburbs and live a life free of white privilege. Ya dig?

p.s. the only thing you should feel guilty about is writing this blog

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maya, he's concerned, because unlike you he cares about the black on black holocaust in Milwaukee.
You asked why Mr.McAdams was "so upset by high crime in black neighborhoods."
Some better questions would be...
Maya, why don't you give a flying fuq at a rolling donut about crime in black neighbohoods??
Why aren't you concerned about Alexis Patterson, and Jasmine Owens and the other black children getting their heads blown off??
Maya, why is it that those who achieve move to the suburbs to get away from the filth that inhabits Milwaukee's inner city.
Maya, why do racists like you criticize those who don't live in squalor and do take care of their children by keeping them away from the hell holes that Milwaukee's neighborhoods have become.
And Maya, why don't you live in the suburds??

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alas,it appears that whites have taken Maya's advice to move out; and why are blacks killing each other? who will stop this madness?

6:18 PM  

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