Marquette Warrior: Gender Political Correctness in Crime Reporting?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Gender Political Correctness in Crime Reporting?

When five black males robbed a Marquette student, Marquette and the local media didn’t report the race of the robbers.

As we have discussed, this is perhaps justified, since by the time the report came out the robbers were in custody.

This is not the kind of outrage that happened at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where the race of the suspects was concealed, in spite of the fact that they were still at large. In short, members of the UWM community were told to on the lookout for suspects, but not the race of the suspects they were supposed to be looking for! (They probably assumed the suspects were black anyway -- a stereotype that is reinforced when racial information is omitted.)

We happily posted the fact that the five Marquette robbers were black, since that was relevant to our post about the problems that follow from being near the inner city.

But there is another piece of political correctness in the reports.

The sex of the robbers is not reported!

The e-mail put out by Marquette said simply said “five suspects.” The Milaukee Journal-Sentinel described the robbery as follows:
Marquette University Public Safety officers captured five people suspected of robbing a student at gunpoint early Friday.

Milwaukee police said the robbery occurred in the 2000 block of W. Wisconsin Ave. about 12:30 a.m. when the victim, 22, was walking alone.

He was approached by five people. One pointed a gun and demanded property. The victim was not injured, and the five ran away.

Public safety officers saw five people running through the area and were monitoring them when they were alerted by a radio call that a robbery had occurred.
We suppose that, if you are going to conceal the race of suspects, it makes equal sense to conceal the sex of suspects.

But does anybody think that gangs of teen girls and young women are roaming around the Marquette campus, robbing people?

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Blogger John Pack Lambert said...

Considering how rough some young women in Detroit I know are it would not surprise me.

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