Marquette Warrior: David Horowitz to Speak at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Sunday, April 27, 2008

David Horowitz to Speak at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

From a press release from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Conservative Union:

David Horowitz will speak in the UWM Union’s Wisconsin Room on April 30th at 7:30p.m.

The talk will be on Islamo-Facism.

Horowitz is a high controversial speaker, since he says things that are considered “offensive” (supposedly) to Muslim students. In reality, he talks rather bluntly about the threat of the radical wing of Islam. Just as black race hustlers don’t like the reality of race and crime talked about, a lot of Muslim activists don’t like the unsavory nature of some Islamic movements talked about.

Given the reign of political correctness on college campuses, it’s the grievance mongers who are catered to by the campus bureaucrats. Sensible Muslims (like sensible blacks) get pretty much ignored.

The UWM Conservative Union has an honorable record of bringing controversial speakers to that campus. As the press release points out:
David’s speech will be the conclusion of a series of speeches held at UWM this year by the Conservative Union, which has included conservative author-scholars Walid Shoebat, Peter Schweizer, Dinesh D’Souza, and Bay Buchanan.
In the case of Shoebat, a Muslim student group tried to get the talk cancelled, and the UWM administration appeared to be trying to impede the whole thing by imposing a punitive charge for security.

But the bureaucrats there caved, and Shoebat spoke.

We frankly wonder why we don’t get more speakers this controversial at Marquette.

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