Marquette Warrior: Ed Meese On Campus Tomorrow

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ed Meese On Campus Tomorrow

We’ve often criticized various campus bureaucraties and organizations for a sharp liberal/left bias in the speakers they bring to campus, but a huge exception has been the Law School.

Via GOP3.COM, Ed Meese will be speaking at the Law School tomorrow.
As Ronald Reagan’s top policy aide in the White House and Attorney General of the United States from 1985-1988, Ed Meese has earned his reputation as an American statesman. Currently chair of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation, Meese helped spark renewed attention to originalist jurisprudence as AG. On Thursday, April 17, General Meese will visit Marquette Law School to answer the question, “Would the Founding Fathers Recognize Today’s Supreme Court?”

Thursday, April 17th
11:45: Free Lunch catered by Einstein Bagels
12:15: Lecture and Q&A

Marquette Law School
1103 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Eisenberg Hall - 3rd floor
Sponsored by The Federalist Society


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