Marquette Warrior: Liberal Churchmen Support Racist Jeremiah Wright

Friday, April 11, 2008

Liberal Churchmen Support Racist Jeremiah Wright

From a Chicago Tribune column:
It has been about a month since Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.’s rant against whites and America jarred our consciousness, but some people still can’t resist using it for their own purposes. We’ve heard just about enough from politicians, commentators and others of all sides who are trying to squeeze every opportunity for self-promotion from the controversy.

Even calls for calm and “sacred conversations” seem to add to racial animosities. The latest came in Wright’s own church, Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago’s South Side.

There, leaders of the National Council of Churches gathered Thursday to “affirm this denomination and this congregation,” said Rev. Michael Kinnamon, the group’s general secretary.
In other words, affirm a racist pastor and a congregation that tolerated, and in many instances applauded, his hateful rhetoric.

In other words, they are acting like standard liberal clerics.

Rev. John H. Thomas, national president of the United Church of Christ, said of the sacred conversation about race that the group urged, “That does not mean that our language is always going to be gentle and quiet and graceful, because racism is not gentle and quiet and graceful.” Thomas apparently didn’t catch the irony that Wright’s rant was rough, loud and graceless and could be subject to charges of racism.
So if racism is “rough, loud and graceless” that justifies nasty racial animus, anti-Americanism and outrageous conspiracy theories about how black people have been oppressed.

What would Jesus do?

In the world of these liberal clerics, He would apparently try to mobilize hatred.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

More on the larger context here:

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Blogger John McAdams said...

Is this the speech where Obama called his grandmother a "typical white person?"

And for expressing sentiments that Jesse Jackson has explicitly expressed?

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