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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Politically Correct Physics

Yes, from Appleton’s own Jeff Lindsay, a portion of the catalog of the very politically correct Scientific and Technical University for Politically Intelligent Development.

Some sample courses:
P101 - Freshperson Physics (formerly “Freshman Physics”): Toward a Higher Awareness

Traditional Eurocentric physics must be excised if students are to achieve higher consciousness. The restrictive ideology of Newton, with its emphasis on action and reaction, is exposed as reactionary propaganda, used for centuries to oppress indigenous peoples and institutionalize fear and hate. The prohibitive, traditional “laws” of physics must be rejected in favor of new models that foster tolerance, empowerment, and social justice. Under the old order, radical conservative forces have imposed “conservative” laws restricting the use of energy, mass, momentum, and electrical charge. Rather than conserving such forces and powers, they must be increased and made available to all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Students are instructed in the revolutionary New Physics and are encouraged to promote awareness through demonstrations and other media events.

P287 - Feminist Cosmology

The Big Bang Model is exposed a purely male paradigm, deliberately replete with male sexual symbolism in order to deny empowerment to women. A more progressive feminine cosmology, the Gentle Nurturing, is offered to replaced the male Big Bang theory. The Gentle Nurturing model views the origin of the universe as lengthy period of gradual gestation, followed by steady nurturing, rather than a sudden eruption. The male originators of the Big Bang theory are examined critically for their role in maintaining an oppressive order through the manipulation of physics. The new paradigm shows that we are part of an interconnected cosmic entity which must be further nurtured and protected from the harms inflicted by the radical right.
The others are good for a chuckle too.

But one has to wonder, are these any worse than courses found in real world college catalogues? Unfortunately, no.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooo! definitely want to take the first one! The second one just looks silly, but intriguing nonetheless.

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