Marquette Warrior: Support Diversity in Campus Journalism

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Support Diversity in Campus Journalism

We are talking, of course, about The Warrior, an independent newspaper published by Marquette students.

It’s considered conservative -- which is fair -- but typically has a Point/Counterpoint feature with opinion columns on both sides of some campus, state or national issue.

The Warrior has a history of being more willing to support a Catholic perspective than the administration-controlled Tribune. The Warrior was willing to carry an insert opposing abortion that the Tribune turned down.

As an upstart independent paper, The Warrior has a history of good journalism. It has scooped the Tribune on several issues, and dominated the Milwaukee Press Club collegiate awards last year.

So if you are inclined to support some cause or activity around the Marquette campus, clicking on the box below with plastic in hand would be a dandy thing.

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