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Friday, June 06, 2008

Get Out of the Central City?

Blogger James T. Harris lives in the central city of Milwaukee, and thus has a first hand view of realities that both suburban conservatives and East Side liberals pretty much see only through the lens of ideology.

That’s why his blog is such compelling reading.

In his most recent entry, he mulls over the question, does a black family that wants a decent environment for its kids need to simply move out.
Milwaukee is getting scary. That’s the word among friends. Yesterday, I had a conversation with a couple that is considering moving “further out.” Their neighborhood changed overnight because of one rental property.

I told them that for the first time in a long time I was feeling nervous. My son is entering high school. It’s a private school, and because of that he will stand out like a sore thumb in my neighborhood. He doesn’t have to wear a uniform, per se, but his attire is nothing close to “urban wear.” My friend sat in his chair and stared at me.

It’s the culture, stupid.
Adding fuel to the fire, the boy who was assaulted on the bus the other day is speaking out. He gave the reason for the beat down. The thugs didn’t like the clothes he was wearing. He wasn’t dressed like a gang banger, he wasn’t dressed like a rapper, so the gang bang rap wanna be thugs kicked his ass.
Obviously, we have here a self-reinforcing cycle: as people like Harris move out, the neighborhood declines, prompting others to leave.

But doing something about it requires things like tough law enforcement, school choice, and reducing welfare dependency. In other words, things liberals don’t want to do.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard JTH speak on this subject several times in the past. He is RIGHT ON! What parent with any sense of a desire to protect his/her child and raise them right, would want to do so in Milwaukee's inner city?! Certainly there are some that cannot afford to make the move further out, but what about those families like JTH? These are the people and the leaders that the community so desparately needs. He and his family, like others, can afford to move out, so what is stopping them other than a sense of loyalty and unwarranted hope for sweeping change.
The community should be focusing on how to get these thugs out of the community. Doing so would help to retain the families like JTH who actually contribute to society, and, dare I say, actually pay taxes rather then suck off the government's tit!
Maybe if the liberals weren't so obsessed with "helping" these thugs cut the "strings of poverty" they would find the answer as to why these quality families are leaving Milwaukee!

7:35 AM  

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