Marquette Warrior: It’s the Republicans Who Support Israel

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It’s the Republicans Who Support Israel

Via Jeff Jacoby, the fact that Democrats don’t much like Israel, but Republicans remain staunch supporters.

There are exceptions, for course. Democratic office holders who live in places like New York (where there are a lot of Jewish voters) remain firmly behind the Jewish state (at least rhetorically).

First, the fact that Americans generally support Israel, and have much more sympathy for it than for the Palestinians.

(You may want to click on the image to see an enlarged version.)

Then the question becomes: what about the partisanship of the supporters and opponents. Here the data (from Gallup) is clear.

How do we interpret this? Quite simply. Liberals really don’t much like America (although they would never admit that, even to themselves).

Liberals pride themselves in always seeing that America’s enemies have a justified grievance. In seeing that it’s really our fault.

It follows from that that America’s friends aren’t particularly liked. Just look at Obama’s actions toward America’s allies.

Thus it follows that Israel, one of America’s strongest friends, is viewed with, at best, stand-offish reserve. It follows that the Palestinians, being anti-American, must have a good case.

The views of Democrats in the poll, of course, are what underlies Obama’s foreign policy.

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