Marquette Warrior: Muslim Awareness Week at Marquette

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Muslim Awareness Week at Marquette

It’s coming up. The poster for the event is here.

We have criticized various Muslim and Arab (not quite the same) events in the past, when they featured a virulent anti-Israel bias, or featured hard leftist anti-American speakers.

At one point, it became so bad that the local Jewish community and Jewish faculty complained to Marquette, and urged that the university try for more balance. (Since these events are virtually always cosponsored and financially supported by Marquette, it’s not any sort of violation of academic freedom to urge that Marquette as an institution take a more balanced approach.)

But this event seems rather moderate and constructive. Most Americans understand little about Islam, and “coming to understand” doesn’t mean one has to adopt an anti-Israel and anti-American viewpoint.

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