Marquette Warrior: Campus Supporters of Lesbian Dean Candidate Fail to Censure Wild in Academic Senate

Monday, May 10, 2010

Campus Supporters of Lesbian Dean Candidate Fail to Censure Wild in Academic Senate

A tweet from MUProtestMay6.
No censure. No vote of no confidence. They reaffirmed the non discrimination policy. Considering a vote of no confidence in the fall.


Feminist blog The Word Warrior live blogged the event. Key quote from them:
Dr. Nancy Snow, probably O’Brien’s fiercest advocate on campus, described the decision as “weak” and encouraged students to “keep the pressure on.”

[Further Update]

This is the text of the resolution.

We, the University Academic Senate

Reaffirm our strong support for the official non-discrimination statement of Marquette University;

Express our approval of and support for the work of the A&S Dean Search Committee;

Condemn both the process and decision to rescind an extended offer, and we express our regret for the immense harm that this has caused to Dr. O’Brien, our fellow faculty, staff, students and alumni;

Request that Father Wild & Darren Jackson, Chair of the Board of Trustees, meet with the UAS at some time prior to the September 2010 Board of Trustees Meeting to discuss Marquette’s commitment to both academic freedom and shared governance;

Demand adoption of a revised search protocol that clearly affirms academic freedom and no disqualification from leadership positions for candidates pursuing legitimate lines of academic inquiry professionally recognized in their discipline;

Condemn the lack of transparency in sharing the reasons for the decision; and

Recommend that the UAS evaluate whether there has been demonstrable progress in achieving these objectives when considering whether to entertain a vote of no confidence in the President in fall 2010.

Approved May 10, 2010

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