Marquette Warrior: Kennedy Assassination Course Offered This Summer

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kennedy Assassination Course Offered This Summer

One of our interests (some would say “obsession”) is the Kennedy assassination, and we will be offering the course at Marquette this summer, from July 6 through August 14.

The course description (from the syllabus) is as follows:
The course will examine the question of who killed John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Both the Warren Commission conclusion that a single gunman killed Kennedy, and a variety of conspiracy theories will be critically evaluated.

The single most important objective of the course will be to sharpen students’ analytical skills in the context of evaluating competing theories, with particular emphasis on critical evaluation of evidence, and theorizing in the face of conflicting data.
Of course Marquette students can take the course, but pretty much anybody else who wants to take it can do so as a “non-degree” student.

Indeed, bright high school juniors and seniors often take college courses in the summer. (You don’t have to have taken the ACT, although the admissions office will want to see your transcript.)

Tuition is fairly steep: $1,800 plus. But this is real college credit that will transfer to any institution (although whether it would fit any particular degree program is something you would have to ask about.)

If you are interested, call the Admissions office at Marquette at 414-288-7302, and ask about getting admitted on a “non-degree” basis.

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