Marquette Warrior: Warrior Among Top 200 “Catholic Blogs”

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Warrior Among Top 200 “Catholic Blogs”

We were a bit surprised to find our blog listed among the Top 200 Catholic blogs.

Admittedly, we are holding onto the place by our fingernails, being in a four-way tie for the 197 rank.

This is odd since we aren’t Catholic.

Of course, this isn’t as bizarre as being (say) listed among the Top 200 liberal blogs. We do bring a Christian perspective to certain issues, and do report on what’s going on around Marquette University, and do support the rather tattered “Catholic mission” of Marquette. So the average conservative, loyal Catholic will probably find our posts simpatico.

It’s just a little odd to get an honor for which you aren’t really eligible.

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